Meetup on Angular 2.0 Architecture

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This Thursday (2/3/2017) I will lecture on Angular 2.0 Architecture.
Location: שמעון פרס 12 רחובות, 7670308 Rehovot, Israel
Time:  6PM-8:30PM.

The session will focus on the main parts of Angular 2.0:
 Angular Modules
 Angular Compiler
 Hierarchical Injector
 Component Lifecycle Hooks
 Change Detector
 Renderer
 Angular 2.0 & jQuery
 Dynamic component creation
 Tips & Tricks

Each part will be explained and analyzed. In some cases we will dive into Angular 2.0 source code. Our purpose is to list the Do's & Don’ts of Angular. The session is mostly targeted for developers which already have some experience with Angular 2.0.

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3 תגובות ל-“Meetup on Angular 2.0 Architecture

  1. רועי

    מרץ 2, 2017 at 11:03 am

    יש צילום בווידאו?

  2. eyal.vardi

    מרץ 3, 2017 at 2:24 am

    את המצגות וההדגמאות ניתן להשיג באתר שלי


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