שבוע סדנאות מומחים 2013

08 נוב

גם השנה חברת E4D מזמינה אתכם לאירוע המקצועי המעמיק והמקיף ביותר. חמישה ימים של טכנולוגיה. סדנאות עומק המכסות את כל הנושאים החמים ביותר, כל סדנא בת יום אחד, בנושא אחד. ללמוד מהמומחים המובילים בענף את הטכנולוגיות והפלטפורמות החדשות ביותר ולשמוע מיד ראשונה כיצד הן מיושמות בפועל.


סדנאות מומחים

חמישה ימים של טכנולוגיה! אוסף של סדנאות בנושאים החמים ביותר, כל סדנא בת יום אחד, בנושא אחד. ללמוד מהמומחים המובילים בענף את טכנולוגיות ופלטפורמות הפיתוח, הקיימות והעתידיות של מיקרוסופט.


  8 / 12 – Client Side Development Fundamentals in Depth

Client-Side development is not new, but recently more and more "Server-Side developers" find themselves developing in the client side – without having a proper background in the technologies comprising the "Client-Side Run-time Environment". No matter what client-side frameworks you use, whether your target client is desktop or mobile, or whether you write a widget or a full-blown application – you better know what you are doing. This course provides solid foundations of "Client-Side Run-time Environment" for those intending to develop on the client-side, so they can do it properly.

קרא עוד

  9 / 12 – Azure – Leveraging The Cloud for Rapid Scaling and Reliability 

We Hear about the cloud for several years now, but how can it help you? In this session we will cover using Microsoft Azure Cloud platform in order to build scalable and reliable application. We will learn about the Azure architecture and technologies offered as well as deep dive into cloud services.

קרא עוד

  9 / 12 – RESTful Services with Web API

ASP.NET Web-API is a powerful service framework sitting on top of ASP.Net MVC making it easy to enforce a RESTful architectural style. We will discuss the request and response pipeline in the Web API, we will dig into the main extensibility points and see how flexible is the infrastructure.

קרא עוד

  10 / 12 – ASP.NET MVC 5.0

הינה פלטפורמה המאפשרת פיתוח מהיר ונוח של אפליקציות מבוססות WEB. הטמעה של עקרונות ה-MVC בסביבת ה-Web מעולם לא היתה נוחה ופשוטה כל כך. כחלק מהטרנד ההולך וגובר להשתמש בתצורת ה-MVC מיקרוסופט דוחפת לכיוון חדש לגמרי של פיתוח בסביבת ה-WEB, מהפכה שניתן להשוות אותה למעבר מ-ASP לסביבת הפיתוח של ASP.NET. הפלטפורמה ניתנת להרחבה בקלות ומתממשקת עם עקרונות ה-TDD.

קרא עוד


  10 / 12 – Building Real-Time Web Applications with SignalR

SignalR is a new async signaling library for .NET developed and maintained by David Fowler and Damian Edwars from Microsoft’s ASP.NET and NuGet teams. If you ever wanted to push data from the server to clients (and not just browser clients!) in real time with ease, SignalR will be your perfect companion.

קרא עוד

  11 / 12 – AngularJS for .Net Developers

HTML is great for declaring static documents, but it falters when we try to use it for declaring dynamic views in web-applications. AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application. The resulting environment is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop. AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML's syntax to express your application's components clearly and succinctly. Out of the box, it eliminates much of the code you currently write through data binding and dependency injection.

קרא עוד

  12 / 12 – Web Systems Architecture and Performance

As a technical leader in a web environment you face a challenge: more traffic, more users, more connected systems and more features. The results can be a poor user experience. And it today’s world, every millisecond cost your organization in money and/or customer satisfaction. If you want to be ready for the day of doom, if you want to solve issues before business will get mad or just want to be the hero of the day, this is the workshop for you. In this workshop we'll cover all aspects of modern web systems and will analyze all the things that can go wrong. More important we will understand what a clutter is and what should be taken care of by methodology and tools. Among the covered items in this workshop: databases, your code, application servers, web servers, system aspects, storages, network and even the browser.

קרא עוד

  12 / 12 – Web Application Testing

As JavaScript takes a larger part of our codebase, we can no longer avoid testing it. And there's a lot to test. Client-side code runs on many different devices, browsers and operating systems. It depends on libraries and frameworks which are updated constantly. In this workshop we'll learn the basics of writing automated tests for client-side code. We'll explore JavaScript testing frameworks, automate cross browser tests and how to write code that's easy to test.

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