SafeOS – Are you really protected?

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Are you really protected?

Android has fast become the leading platform for mobile devices, and as such, deserves our focus in this post. As of May 2012, Trend Micro had reported that close to 25,000 malwares had been identified, attacking Android based devices. Traditionally malwares can be identified and grouped by distinct features, exploiting specific vulnerabilities; however as the Android platform rapidly evolves and introduces new capabilities, new types of threats are invented by attackers.


Source: Forbes

Most of the malwares are Trojan, impersonating legitimate applications, but perform unapproved actions without user's consent. One might think that most of such threats target individuals; however the reality is quite different, and organizations are at no lower risk.

As organizational apps, accessing the most sensitive data are installed on the same device, it is exposed to a multitude of risks, ranging from information theft, data manipulation, key logging, screen capture, identity theft and impersonation, to location monitoring. Exactly as traditional IT security is taken seriously nowadays by most organizations, so should mobile devices security be looked at, as many mobile apps expose no less information.


Source: Ibitimes

Analyzing the sources of the threats brings us to the straightforward conclusion that they stem from lack of control over the applications installed on the device. Most of the users are not security aware, and install personal applications, which might expose all other applications to security hazards.

If only we had a clean environment, in which only organization's apps would have been installed, the risks would have diminished drastically. However, this cannot be easily enforced, and most employees would be frustrated not being able to use the smartphone for personal needs after working hours, or having to carry two physical devices.

This brings us to SafeOS, an innovative product, revolutionizing the mobile link in the chain of security. The main concept of SafeOS is the complete separation between personal and organizational uses of a mobile device. SafeOSpartitions one physical device into two completely separate logical devices. Business apps are completely secured in the business partition, and no other application can access them or their information, while the user is completely free to install any app in his or her private partition. No app installed in the personal partition can access the apps in the business partition, or their data. The following diagram illustrates the concept:


SafeOS Concept

SafeOSis a rich product, containing many other security features, such as complete encryption of all business apps' data, bricking a stolen or lost device, white list and black list of allowed apps, and also many IT aware features, such as immediate restore of damaged or lost device, embedded remote assistance of IT personnel, and integration to MDM systems.

In short, SafeOS solves all problems of the new mobile link in the organization's IT chain.

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