E4D Solutions Company Profile

12 דצמ

E4D is a boutique consulting and training firm that supports ISV’s and IT organizations with their high-end custom applications development.
Founded in 2008, E4D’s primary competency is in Microsoft technologies, .NET platform, products, developer tools and methodology. The company’s two divisions – .NET services and Dynamics CRM – are led by industry experts with vast hands-on experience. We recruit R&D and developer professionals with deep product expertise who have held senior positions in their respective industries.  E4D consultants have on average of 15+ years hands-on experience and all E4D team leaders have managed complex global development projects.  

E4D consulting approach is simple, we partner with our customers providing them insights based on our technical expertise and cross industry accumulated experience.  Our goal is to minimize client risk by providing business and technical decision makers with well-researched options, using best practices to improve performance, product stability, quality, and their internal development cycle.

As part of our cooperation with Microsoft, the company's experts and consultants take part in professional Microsoft conferences, such as Tech Ed, Dev Academy, where they educate thousands of Microsoft developers.
Our commitment to the Microsoft platform and customers is requiring a significant investment in staying ahead of changes and innovations to the platform. We work closely with Microsoft to ensure that we maintain our ability to provide cutting edge development solutions to our global customers. 

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